Tuesday, 9 December 2008

3rd December Black box

This was the next group project workshop, As the name suggests it involved a black Box full of different product names. The idea was that we would take the products away and not tell any of the group, each received one of the product names, went away and worked on creating some clues. Our product was after eight, so we went up to the cafe and bounced around ideas. the final image was a table with wine glasses and a receipt with the time at the bottom highlighted 8:30.
the second half of the day we were given our clues for the other groups product, we had a control key, a condom, a shinny ring, and the chemical symbol for fluorine. in the end it was colgate toothpaste it took a while but we got it. So as a follow on from finding out what it was we had to make a poster to advertise the toothpaste. 
we played on the whole idea of  it protecting your teeth for 12 hours, so our poster had a bouncer standing outside a colgate club with the slogan 12 hour protection.

25th November 'Spend more Save less',

Today we had a little workshop called spend more save less. The idea was to create a poster that solves the problem of the credit crunch , it was important to get across the idea of families and business that to save the economy people need to spend more money in other words spend  a little to regain the balance of the economy. Again we were working in groups it was myself, Mike, Ellie and Wen, Some good ideas were knocked around at the start and we eventually came up with the idea of relating the title with growing.
We started off with the image of a money tree that Ellie drew and with real £5 and £10 notes photoshopped on the branches in the background. In for foreground was an illustration of a man digging the ground. We were trying to sell the idea of  putting back the money you have in to the economy, using the imagery of the money tree as a metaphor, because everyone knows that money doesn't grow on trees, or does it?.