Sunday, 22 March 2009

PPRD Hand In!!

Coming up to the Hand in tomorrow and am already aware that i have some work missing from the earlier projects like conclusions and rationales particularly throughout my text and image project. The reason for this is that I started my blog later than most and when it came down to the reflection i have only really got form around December.
I can only blame myself for this, but I made a decision that I would not try and back date the work I had missed over the last few months instead I would concentrate on the present and future work and realize my potential through careful reflection. For example the work i have posted recently that includes London trips and outside learning, this i hope will see me through the requirements.
I also have a folder with all relevant pieces of work, outside and inside college work, evaluations rationales, handouts, tutorial reflection sheets, and any other design work I have collected.            

Berlin Trip

Hello just come back from Berlin  and feel exhausted its been a crazy three days i have seen a lot in Berlin, and a great time with some of the the second year students. I went to see many famous places  like the Jewish Museum, National Gallery, Bauhaus Archiv, and the Guggenheim.My favorite exhibition was at the guggenheim it was various artists form the photo realism era in the 1970s to now, this painting on the right done by a designer called Don Eddy was my favorite of all. We were all convinced it was a photograph only later we realized that i was a painting by looking up close. I think the reason why this worked was because in the 70s the photography had this lack of colour to it, which makes these paintings so realistic. I really don't think this is possible now days.  
There were some great pieces of art in the Jewish museum including a nice photography exhibition depicting the rise and fall of Berlin during the 1970s 80s and 90s. The lovely thing about this work was that it was presented in light boxes raised off the floor, with seats positioned around the room.
Below is the photography.

Day Workshop for type radio

We had only had the new project a couple of days but already we got a new little day project on type radio. The aim of the day was to get in to groups and create a poster that was strictly made up of type, That promoted the use of the website how useful it can be to designers and students all over the world.
First of all we brainstormed as a group with some ideas as to how the poster and layout may look. One of the biggest issues we had was the fact that we wouldn't be able to use an image, so getting around having just a flat image with type on it. we all agreed that there were millions of average posters out there, not to mention the four other groups around us with a similar objective, therefore agreed it should be a little different.
We came up with the idea of having the poster as a folded book, so when the poster was folded each side would have on of the letters form the title type radio, and as it unfolds the website and relevant information is revealed
It was nice to work in groups again because everyone had an input towards the final piece, It received a mix review at the end of the day  mainly because we didn't stick strictly to the brief, and also some of our choices for lay out and use of colour was confused.
Never the less I learnt a lot.  


New Brief

Today we were given a new brief which was all about the website 'Type Radio', The idea of the brief will be to transcribe a recording of a designer that we pick. The problem was that i wouldn't be able to pick the designer or typographer, it would be picked out of the hat.I managed to get Erik Spiekermann and wasn't sure whether or not it was a good idea, because I had seen some of his work earlier on in the year in the Helvetica film. he of course designed the typeface Meta and a few others during his successful career.
After looking at some of his design work i was moderately impressed with his work, and thought could only bring good things when I went to listen to the type radio interview on Erik.

Friday, 13 March 2009

1,000 Graphic Elements: Special Details for Distinctive Designs

I bought this book last week in search of some really well put together graphics and inspiration, and came across this.
I covers everything from print techniques to manipulated surfaces to graphic devices. As a whole the book as sent my imagination runnin
g wild and has helped me to realize some of my potential in visual communication already and i havn't had it long. Another great thing about the book is that it has taken a snip of the graphic techniques form all over the world including american and australian design, but also closer to home in the Uk which keeps me up to date with present concepts and visual
Another key element to this book is the book binding incorporated in to the designs, and look forward to creating some new work under this influence. 
I would defiantly recommend this book for anyone who needs a little wider understanding of the graphic design practice - good book. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hamish Muir lecture

Today we had a lecture with Hamish Muir a much renowned graphic designer who has worked with Mark Holt and Andree Gurther through out his illustrious career. He talked about his early art days where after studying at the Poole College for Art he worked in a cramp studio with three other designers. His work includes advertising for the Edinburgh Festival, called 'flux'.
When he started in 1985 there were no apple computers so all there work was hand made and very unique.
His answer for the future of the design was to have little ideas and just work from there, delicate touches and thinking outside the box is the key to success.  

Monday, 9 March 2009

4 designers

                                Last week we traveled down to London for a conference on the 23rd and 24th with 4 accomplished designers which is held annually in leicester square. the talk attracted around 500 students, also industry desiners from all around the uk and the rest of the world. On e of the lectures was a man called Adrian Shaughnessy  who created published the book 'How to be a designer without losing your soul'. He was very insightful when presenting his tip and ideas of graphic design. the most interesting thing about adrian was that he was never taught the design practice, in fact he as only now started to learn the fundamental rules of graphic design after the age of 50. he is certainly an inspiration.
Another lecturer was a man form project triangle called Martin  who are based in Germany, I was very impressed with their design it was very out there and European.