Saturday, 20 March 2010

D&AD final boards

Here are the final last minute boards!

D&AD Last minute

Andy and myself met last week for the final time to try and finish the last minute brief for D&AD.
Here are the designs so far, it starts with the info graphics that represent the process of booking a holiday on line. The design its self is self explanatory. The design primarily sits at the bottom of a pedestrian crossing on top of the button. The other way of presenting the design was to print it on a pillow that would sit on each of the carriages on the underground tubes. Both these examples explore the idea of connecting with peoples spontaneous use of there spare time.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Bag that dissolves!

Found this really good video on the Creative Review, they sent there monthly magazine out in a
bag that is bio degradable!

Cyberpac, a UK-based packaging company, has developed a range of products – called Harmless – that use a hydro-degradable plastic that is up to three times stronger than polythene, lighter and leaves no damaging residue after dissolving in water. A bit skeptical of this promise, we’ve taken a look at the dissolving bag’s actual disappearing act.


Here a good website for some interesting packaging!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Final Cocktail menu!

Here is the final front and back design for the cocktail menu after having them sent to the client for approval. The simple gold on pink for the front and then again on the back gold on white, I was quite happy about the choice especially the back design, it was simple but slick.

In terms of the colours, it was not my idea of a perfect colour 'Pink' but you have to understand its a girls 21st birthday sooo I let it go.
The typeface for the front cover is 'Renaissance-Regular', the cockatail names are a font called 'Riesling', and finally the 'Ingredients type are in Baskerville a lovely serif Typeface.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Cocktail menu!

This week my friend informed me that we would both be hosting a cocktail party for another friends 21st in late March. He is the experienced one when it comes to making cocktails but I have also had some experience.
I promised him that I would design a cocktail menu for the event so it looks all professional and of course it will make the girl happy. So this week he sent me the cocktails and there names, and as I am the creative one I thought I would have a go.
Below are some idea I came up with they are inspired by her love of pink but are still in teh style of a classic cocktail menu. I plan to send these off to my friend and the lucky birthday girl to see what they think!

Professional Project!

Below is the presentation board from last week but it has been refined to some key areas that i need to focus on over the next week, so that my aims and objectives are clear!

Professional Project!

Research in to my professional project is coming along well. I have been looking at some really nice packaging related to food and cosmetics.
This week I had a presentation for my research of the project, I was pretty sure a I had sufficient research going in to to the session, because aside from looking at some really interesting packaging and trying to think of how I can move in to the development stage of the project. I have had the idea of of looking closely at teh history of Jersey dairy and how it originated, in particular the old fashioned process of producing the dairy, perhaps the packaging could be influenced by this.
We will see...
Below is the presentation board with all my progression of thoughts!