Sunday, 17 October 2010

Number Critique

My final idea came from staring at my alarm clock, still with the idea of representing perception in my poster. I looked at how the digits changed minute after minute then hour after hour. I could help but notice the transition of numbers to from the next.
The number space is made up of 7 lines, each one of these lines either appears or disappears according to the number it represents. This beautiful transition i felt could be visualized in my poster.
The design starts off with 7 lines to make up a box and the digit 0. this number is filled with a 30% transparency, I then layer the following numbers 1-9 over the top each time adding another 5% after each number. The idea behind this adding of 5% on each number is that when I finally finish no one single number appears in any other priority than the others.
The quote in the black line is a quote from william Blake about perception.
After presenting the idea and visual it was clear the design was intriguing , but the text didn't
quite marry with the concept
It was nearly there just need a rethink with regards to the typography.


On Friday we had our first critique of 3rd year, it had been a whole summer with out one and I was a little anxious if Im perfectly honest.
The week long number project had been going very slow for the first 4 days, with my mind running back and forth trying to come up with this amazing idea surrounding numbers. My initial idea explored the significants of numbers in religion for example the number 12 occurs in religion on 20 different occasions, but trying to create a visual response on a poster for that was driving me insane. So it was backto the drawing board several times before I was visualizing anything.
My ideas or lack of lead me to the perception of numbers, and how no single number was more important than the other.

My initial designs were very complicated and there was no guarantee they would work until they were finished. By this time I only had 3 day left and things were getting desperate, but I then started to think how complicated and technical does this have to be and was I over thinking the brief.

Design Buddies

Early last week all that were selected for the design buddies pilot scheme were asked to come in for a lunch meeting with our potential design buddies, to basically meet face to face so we knew who are partner was. My designer was David Burton, head of innovation at Red Web .
He is part of a massive web based company along with another 100 staff all in different areas from accounts to design to coding. So many different areas to find out about over the coming sessions. We had lunch and talked about the kind of area he was involved with, he told me but I still wasn't fully sure what he did by the end of the lunch, all I did know is that I had been offered a great opportunity to find out a lot about the design industry.
After the lunch I was told by Neil that George Beverly from last week had spoken to him about our meeting and was very impressed with the way I talked about and presented my work, so much that we would like to work with all three of us over the year instead of one person.
Oli, Ben and myself have since met up and decided we would do it in groups so we get more from the sessions.

On Yer Bike

Last week we were given our new brief from the ISTD website. Whilst they were primarily typographical briefs, the outcomes that we design did not have to be typographical, which was nice to know.
The briefs ranged from exploring the word fakery to the beauty of plants, to a complete restaurant brand identity. The choice was broad each offering a wide range of outcomes.
I ended up choosing the 'on yer bike' brief which was asking you to design some kind of information system for cyclist in cities like london. Just like cars in cities have sat nav, at the moment there is nothing for the everyday cyclist. The target audience is anyone who is interested in cycling, wether it be a tourist of the local who goes to work every morning.

For this brief my intended area of research will be with in mapping journeys, way finding, user experience, user centered design, signage, alternative means of communication, practicality and usability of design, just to mention a few.
I shall also look at swiss design, simple but effective user systems in the world for example the Tokyo and London subway system. Also user systems closer to home like the college library system for locating various subjects.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Design Buddies

This morning George Beverly a designer came in to see a few of us to eventually make a decision on who he would like to work with over the next couple of months, kind of like a mentoring scheme including one to one chats on our current and future work also any problems that my arise over the year.
This will be a great opportunity to work with someone who is in the field of design. George was formally part of the design agency Marketing Matters which is a well established agency that has produced advertising for many companies around the world.
He had a look at my work over the past few years ranging from the text and image to the most recent branding/packaging project last year.
After that we saw some of the work that he had been a part of and there were a few big company names in the mix including Blackberry. Although I was very impressed with the style of work its not the line of work I see my self doing in the future.
But at the same time if the opportunity arose, I would have to jump in and gain this experience.
Tips I got from the meeting was that I need to express what kind of designer I am, i.e what field of design I want to pursue.
This is important from an interview perspective and defining yourself as a designer.
What am I?

Friday, 8 October 2010


Back for 3rd year today and the briefs are back in action... Its like we never left!
Our first brief is only a week long and its all to do with numbers, using any media to design a piece of work that demonstrates the significants of numbers.
The work will be presented on an A2 poster in 7 days.
My initial thought was murder by numbers and the film poster to accompany the film, I have no idea why!
After a while thinking about just one number out of the millions of combinations I could of picked, I ended up with the number 12 and its significance within religion. I have research alot around this number and its has a huge presence in religion.
for an outcome I would like to present a piece of work that explores this coincidental or calculated explanation behind the number 12.