Sunday, 17 October 2010

On Yer Bike

Last week we were given our new brief from the ISTD website. Whilst they were primarily typographical briefs, the outcomes that we design did not have to be typographical, which was nice to know.
The briefs ranged from exploring the word fakery to the beauty of plants, to a complete restaurant brand identity. The choice was broad each offering a wide range of outcomes.
I ended up choosing the 'on yer bike' brief which was asking you to design some kind of information system for cyclist in cities like london. Just like cars in cities have sat nav, at the moment there is nothing for the everyday cyclist. The target audience is anyone who is interested in cycling, wether it be a tourist of the local who goes to work every morning.

For this brief my intended area of research will be with in mapping journeys, way finding, user experience, user centered design, signage, alternative means of communication, practicality and usability of design, just to mention a few.
I shall also look at swiss design, simple but effective user systems in the world for example the Tokyo and London subway system. Also user systems closer to home like the college library system for locating various subjects.

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