Sunday, 17 October 2010

Number Critique

My final idea came from staring at my alarm clock, still with the idea of representing perception in my poster. I looked at how the digits changed minute after minute then hour after hour. I could help but notice the transition of numbers to from the next.
The number space is made up of 7 lines, each one of these lines either appears or disappears according to the number it represents. This beautiful transition i felt could be visualized in my poster.
The design starts off with 7 lines to make up a box and the digit 0. this number is filled with a 30% transparency, I then layer the following numbers 1-9 over the top each time adding another 5% after each number. The idea behind this adding of 5% on each number is that when I finally finish no one single number appears in any other priority than the others.
The quote in the black line is a quote from william Blake about perception.
After presenting the idea and visual it was clear the design was intriguing , but the text didn't
quite marry with the concept
It was nearly there just need a rethink with regards to the typography.

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