Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Design Buddy!

Today I met with my real design buddy at Redweb.

Gareth Evans, senior designer of the company. We sat down for a quick chat and to get to know each other, he had missed the lunch meeting I had with David last month and it was important that we met to talk about my aims regarding the expectations of me as a student.
We talked about things like a portfolio, blogging and c.v which are all important aspects of me having a career in design.

I was asked what area of design do I want to go down, I was like being asked the single most important question of your life, I stumbled to find and answer.
Perhaps one of the negative aspects with my course may be that i have never had to settle for a particular discipline which in turn has meant I have never branched down a particular path.
I am also aware that this effects most of the people on my course, but for this situation I worried that not having a route will effect my overall buddy experience.
I appreciate that most 40 year olds still don't know what they want to do in there lives, but it wouyld be nice to have some direction.
On the other hand the aims and objectives could be set more generally meaning my goals could be more tailored toward particular aspects of my design.
I doubt this will be a set back and it will require me to do some real thinking about me as a designer
in the future.
After the session I agreed to take to send my blog so that Gareth could get a better understanding of me and my work.

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