Thursday, 28 January 2010


It was just last week where I had a few live briefs in the pipe line, having already created a Christmas card brief, some animal prints for the Animal Farm Event in February, and more recently in the process of working with Arts & Events. As far as live briefs were going I was in control taking on projects and meeting people, just like it would be in industry.

During the tutorial last week I was told that it would not be ok to skip a competition brief for example D&AD. I was not aware that we had to carry out a comp brief for our PPRD. This was a huge problem for me and would mean I needed to start on one as soon as possible, as there is only a month left.

When asked how this had happened after all this time, I simply replied by saying it was never my intention, but the fact is the D&AD project with the group, kind of took a back seat in October after we chose a brief, purely because we had so much time until the submission. Our plan was to meet up every week and discuss progression of everyones ideas, just like a normal brief.

The problem with this process is that, a brief with no regular crits or tutorials to measure progress and encourage development.Is like doing a project and not knowing if you are going in the wrong direction. The group met up a few times at the start but time went on and with no development meant we all lost a lot of interest.

So I am starting out again going alone or possible with someone else. I have chosen the Ambient Advertising brief for which is:

"Use ambient media to connect to people's spontaneous use of there free time".

"Communicate the message, to do or get more good stuff at
"Target audience adventurous wealthy, any age group"


Earlier this week we had a live brief come through from a group of second year year BA, Arts and Events Management students. They will be organizing an event to celebrate Bournemouth's 200th Birthday in March.
The company is called "MADD events" which stands for Music,Art,Drama,Dance. They require a a company logo, event logo.
Also posters and flyers which will be showcasing "Bournemouth's performing arts on a journey through 200 years".

With the brief being so open, the team had no specific idea of an identity so it was really up to us which direction we took wit the designs. I first started to look at the company logo its self, The company were called "MADD" so I decide to take each of the four elements of the company, Music, Art, Dance and Drama. For each area of the company I created four different symbols that would sit together on blocks or shapes.
The first symbol represents music for this I created a music note. The second symbol is a paint palette, the third a film reel and the forth, a abstract dancer.
On the mood board there are variations in the symbol including colour and alignment. I think some of the designs the more plain black and white and grey on white I feel looks professional. Other variations include typography alignment, and either using the initials or the full company name.

So Yesterday we had a meeting with the team to talk over ideas. The meeting was one of the first I had with members of a company which was quite refreshing. This also meant i was under pressure and on a tight deadline, which is all very positive because professionalism is key in P.P.R.D

I have presented the potential logo designs and am now waiting for some feedback so I can adapt the designs if necessary.
If all is good, come next week the designs of the flyers and posters will have to be considered.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Plan of action! 26th Jan

I had some things to consider.

Think about how I can demonstrate leaning outcome one (LO1) for PPRD?

Check with Neil about Paper based work as a submission for PPRD?

The recording of events, where are things noted down, diary or note book.
Show working plan and solving design problems.

Book tutorial with Neil to consider new D&AD Brief (possibly

D&AD Briefs Tutorial!

Today I had a meeting wit h Kit to talk over the PPRD unit and it's requirements. It was quite obvious that I had neglected my blog over the past 6 weeks with the only post coming from my screen based evaluation and rationale. But that wasn't the main issue to cover in the session, kit wanted to see the reflections and my ability to create solutions to the problems I encounter during projects.
SELF ANALYSIS IS THE KEY to my Blog. Kit had a read at a few of my posts and picked out some key areas for improvement.
They are as follows:

* Clearly the Blog post have been consistent and relevant throughout but it seems to be more descriptive than reflective. In other words I have written about the processes, but have not explained what exactly I have got from that process.
For example the Christmas card brief there is no information about the process an making.

* Second point, if I have posted an issue during a brief or unit, or written about specific hurdles I have uncounted along the way, then write about a solution to the problem.
By doing this I will learn from my mistakes and become a more accomplished designer.

* Third point, Self analysis key to reaching a high level in PPRD is to record the changes in my work as the projects go on and then in to
a possible third year. My progression from 2nd year to Third year as a designer.

The next part of the session was spent talking abou the D&AD brief and there progress.
The D&AD brief was decide long ago with 4 other members of the course, unfortunately as the weeks went on, even after the initial group discussions and many well though out ideas.
The realization of a project, that had started with the best intentions, slowly vanishing with very little interest and contact with the members.
It wasn't until early January that we all decided that It wasn't going to happen, and in fact we should all go our separate ways for the D&AD.

I now have until the 22nd of March to get on with the a competition brief. the deadline for the D&AD is mid March so plenty of time to turn it around, I Think.

After chatting to Kit about all the things I had going on at the same time she said it would be wise to create a PLAN!

Monday, 25 January 2010


Rationale Screen Based 2

For my online portfolio i have created a website show casing the best of my work, since becoming a visual communicator in the most appropriate fashion. The website is an expression of my self and my passion for Graphic design, illustration and photography. My intention for the website was to have a container for my work this meant picking a style in which my personality comes through.

As-well as having myself incorporated in to the website it was also necessary to for me create something appealing to the viewer, of course my main object was to produce something that was eye catching, and to make myself stand out from the crowd as a designer.

By combining shapes and photographic images in to my website I feel that I have met the needs of the brief and the perspective clients needs found a interesting contrast between shape and image, incorporating the two has allowed me to create various dynamic views to showcase myself as a designer.The background image, which is much of the main content throughout the site comes from my passion for photography, this in turn is a little of my personality shinning through, it also makes do for an eye-catching background.

This particular photograph was taken in the city of Berlin. I chose the image for many reasons, the contrast between light and dark is extremely striking at first glance. The image it's self has great significance, the figure that remains anonymous and seems to be climbing the stairs has a connotation of climbing and journey upwards, and coming to a desired end, which is what I hope happens to the viewer.

Upon closer inspection you notice the black blocks that sit on top of the image. The fact that the background image is sepia tone I think compliments the back blocks in an unusual way, the blocks don't stand out that much but I quite like it.

On the portfolio page four shapes appear to navigate between graphics, illustration, client and photography by using shapes I have taken the idea of using boring mundane buttons, it's now now transformed in to these stylish key line shapes.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Porfolio Website

Below is the link to my new porfolio website, contains a selection of my work and about me page.