Monday, 25 January 2010


Rationale Screen Based 2

For my online portfolio i have created a website show casing the best of my work, since becoming a visual communicator in the most appropriate fashion. The website is an expression of my self and my passion for Graphic design, illustration and photography. My intention for the website was to have a container for my work this meant picking a style in which my personality comes through.

As-well as having myself incorporated in to the website it was also necessary to for me create something appealing to the viewer, of course my main object was to produce something that was eye catching, and to make myself stand out from the crowd as a designer.

By combining shapes and photographic images in to my website I feel that I have met the needs of the brief and the perspective clients needs found a interesting contrast between shape and image, incorporating the two has allowed me to create various dynamic views to showcase myself as a designer.The background image, which is much of the main content throughout the site comes from my passion for photography, this in turn is a little of my personality shinning through, it also makes do for an eye-catching background.

This particular photograph was taken in the city of Berlin. I chose the image for many reasons, the contrast between light and dark is extremely striking at first glance. The image it's self has great significance, the figure that remains anonymous and seems to be climbing the stairs has a connotation of climbing and journey upwards, and coming to a desired end, which is what I hope happens to the viewer.

Upon closer inspection you notice the black blocks that sit on top of the image. The fact that the background image is sepia tone I think compliments the back blocks in an unusual way, the blocks don't stand out that much but I quite like it.

On the portfolio page four shapes appear to navigate between graphics, illustration, client and photography by using shapes I have taken the idea of using boring mundane buttons, it's now now transformed in to these stylish key line shapes.

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