Tuesday, 26 January 2010

D&AD Briefs Tutorial!

Today I had a meeting wit h Kit to talk over the PPRD unit and it's requirements. It was quite obvious that I had neglected my blog over the past 6 weeks with the only post coming from my screen based evaluation and rationale. But that wasn't the main issue to cover in the session, kit wanted to see the reflections and my ability to create solutions to the problems I encounter during projects.
SELF ANALYSIS IS THE KEY to my Blog. Kit had a read at a few of my posts and picked out some key areas for improvement.
They are as follows:

* Clearly the Blog post have been consistent and relevant throughout but it seems to be more descriptive than reflective. In other words I have written about the processes, but have not explained what exactly I have got from that process.
For example the Christmas card brief there is no information about the process an making.

* Second point, if I have posted an issue during a brief or unit, or written about specific hurdles I have uncounted along the way, then write about a solution to the problem.
By doing this I will learn from my mistakes and become a more accomplished designer.

* Third point, Self analysis key to reaching a high level in PPRD is to record the changes in my work as the projects go on and then in to
a possible third year. My progression from 2nd year to Third year as a designer.

The next part of the session was spent talking abou the D&AD brief and there progress.
The D&AD brief was decide long ago with 4 other members of the course, unfortunately as the weeks went on, even after the initial group discussions and many well though out ideas.
The realization of a project, that had started with the best intentions, slowly vanishing with very little interest and contact with the members.
It wasn't until early January that we all decided that It wasn't going to happen, and in fact we should all go our separate ways for the D&AD.

I now have until the 22nd of March to get on with the a competition brief. the deadline for the D&AD is mid March so plenty of time to turn it around, I Think.

After chatting to Kit about all the things I had going on at the same time she said it would be wise to create a PLAN!

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