Thursday, 28 January 2010


It was just last week where I had a few live briefs in the pipe line, having already created a Christmas card brief, some animal prints for the Animal Farm Event in February, and more recently in the process of working with Arts & Events. As far as live briefs were going I was in control taking on projects and meeting people, just like it would be in industry.

During the tutorial last week I was told that it would not be ok to skip a competition brief for example D&AD. I was not aware that we had to carry out a comp brief for our PPRD. This was a huge problem for me and would mean I needed to start on one as soon as possible, as there is only a month left.

When asked how this had happened after all this time, I simply replied by saying it was never my intention, but the fact is the D&AD project with the group, kind of took a back seat in October after we chose a brief, purely because we had so much time until the submission. Our plan was to meet up every week and discuss progression of everyones ideas, just like a normal brief.

The problem with this process is that, a brief with no regular crits or tutorials to measure progress and encourage development.Is like doing a project and not knowing if you are going in the wrong direction. The group met up a few times at the start but time went on and with no development meant we all lost a lot of interest.

So I am starting out again going alone or possible with someone else. I have chosen the Ambient Advertising brief for which is:

"Use ambient media to connect to people's spontaneous use of there free time".

"Communicate the message, to do or get more good stuff at
"Target audience adventurous wealthy, any age group"

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