Wednesday, 3 February 2010

PPRD Presentation!

Last Friday we had a presentation for our PPRD unit thus far. Just like acrit for a practical unit we were asked to present any work completed for this unit, we had 3 minutes to go through each project and describe our thoughts what we gained form each of our projects. Taking on board what Kit said about being more reflective than descriptive in my explanations, this was key to the presentations.

In terms of the content I had a varied amount of work including a small christmas card brief to a couple of identity projects for the arts and events course at the aucb.
When reflecting open these projects and explaining the relationship between the clients and designers needs, I didn't really have a lot to say because there wasn't a lot to be honest the christmas card brief was passed down to Jo, then given to me with simple requirements of keeping it Marine themed and festive.

The identity briefs form arts and events again very little contact with the first, created a letterhead and it was fine and that was it!
The most recent brief for and event in March was to design a company logo whcih would then follow on to an event logo and other promotional jobs for the event, possibly flyers and posters. As this project is in motion it means the feed back hasn't been returned as of yet. I will post when it does.

The presentation its self went ok, at least i had some jobs to talk about for the 3 minutes, also there is nothing wrong with a bit of comedy when presenting as long as I get my point across. One nice thing that happened after when we were discussing peoples work, I was told that I had a strong body of work which was refreshing to know.

I have realized that a lot of the exercises that we are doing this year are really getting us to think not only as designers but about how we really want our work to be perceived. Presentation and communication skills are key for me, and something I will be trying to master over the next year.

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