Monday, 22 February 2010


PPRD hand in today thought I would reflect on the use of a blog.
This year I have been using the blog as a platform to express my thoughts and processes through out 2nd year of visual communication.
I'm not one for keeping track of the days especially in the form of a day to diary, but must say this idea of keeping a blog is very useful. Not only has the blog allowed me to keep on top of deadlines, it has made me more critical during and after projects.
I have gone from despising a blog last year because it pointed out my insecurities design-wise, to this year actually finding it quite refreshing, even finding my self looking forward to my sundays evenings where I have my marathon blog sessions.

I hope to continue with my blog posts after hand in today so that it can be kept up to date.
My blog will be particularly useful as I progress in to the professional project, as time planning and development will be key factors in creating a well constructed project. Other areas of design that i will post on my blog for this project would be research and inspiration websites and sources in books magazines. I will document these things in a blog and go back to them if necessary.

With regards to next year I assume we will be doing PPRD 3, where a blog will become an integral part of my third year learning. I may decide to divide various blogs in to the different sections we cover for example one for the theory, one for design based projects and maybe a third blog for reflection.

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