Saturday, 13 February 2010

Professional Project!

So have been thinking about a new idea for my project after the presentation disaster last week. After having a tutorial with Sally about my area of study, we came to the conclusion that I should explore the ways in which advertising can make people believe or consume anything no matter how how ridiculous.
We covered the problem a vehicle when I decided that it may be nice to explore packaging, this kind of packaging would represent the typical advertising we see today.

Some other ideas included finding something more close to home that could be rebranded. One example I had was Channel Island Milk and the the fact you can't get it in the mainland. If there was away of re-branding/re-packaging the milk as something completely new, perhaps having essence of the milk in to a beauty product and make people think it has health benefits.

One example of this persuasive advertising would be the anti-aging wrinkle cream which states the cream can stop wrinkles that appear 20 years later, these claims are ridiculous but people buy in to it. Another example is a story of people in Ireland canning air and selling it to America.

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