Wednesday, 10 February 2010

D&AD Last minute

Yesterday Andy and my self had another meeting about D&AD following the tutorial I had with Neil the other day. Because Andy wasn't there I explained that the ides we had this far were not directly answering the brief and. For example we had an idea of creating of promoting a company which was away from traditional means of advertising, i.e a poster or web banner,and we were right to think that way.
The problem with our postcard and key ring idea is that they were ideas that didn't fit in with the whole spare time issue. The brief asks for you to promote last minute as a a site where you can book more good stuff in your spare time. So now we know that we need to find out when people are most susceptible to the offers and promotions. Capturing these spontaneous moments are key to a successful project.
We have another idea that pretty much meets the requirements and will update when it has progressed.
I have more pressing issues at hand.

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