Thursday, 28 January 2010


Earlier this week we had a live brief come through from a group of second year year BA, Arts and Events Management students. They will be organizing an event to celebrate Bournemouth's 200th Birthday in March.
The company is called "MADD events" which stands for Music,Art,Drama,Dance. They require a a company logo, event logo.
Also posters and flyers which will be showcasing "Bournemouth's performing arts on a journey through 200 years".

With the brief being so open, the team had no specific idea of an identity so it was really up to us which direction we took wit the designs. I first started to look at the company logo its self, The company were called "MADD" so I decide to take each of the four elements of the company, Music, Art, Dance and Drama. For each area of the company I created four different symbols that would sit together on blocks or shapes.
The first symbol represents music for this I created a music note. The second symbol is a paint palette, the third a film reel and the forth, a abstract dancer.
On the mood board there are variations in the symbol including colour and alignment. I think some of the designs the more plain black and white and grey on white I feel looks professional. Other variations include typography alignment, and either using the initials or the full company name.

So Yesterday we had a meeting with the team to talk over ideas. The meeting was one of the first I had with members of a company which was quite refreshing. This also meant i was under pressure and on a tight deadline, which is all very positive because professionalism is key in P.P.R.D

I have presented the potential logo designs and am now waiting for some feedback so I can adapt the designs if necessary.
If all is good, come next week the designs of the flyers and posters will have to be considered.

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