Wednesday, 17 November 2010


So D&Ad is back, can't believe its a been a year since I submitted the last minute boards for the ambient advertising brief.
Our course was invited to a talk from Riannon James at D&AD. After explaining a little about what she does and what d&AD can offer us as students, she showed us past work from last year the winners and the losers and more importantly why a particular entry succeeded or failed showing us 10 pieces of work that was entered for the Nokia connecting people brief.
Riannon also tried to explain what the judges were looking for and apparently it's a spark, and that spark is:

A good idea


On Brief

Well executed

Professional standard

Going back to that term spark, apparently its that piece of work that makes you go wow!
So next month when I choose a brief, tackle it and present the finished product it will have to tick these boxes.

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