Sunday, 17 October 2010


On Friday we had our first critique of 3rd year, it had been a whole summer with out one and I was a little anxious if Im perfectly honest.
The week long number project had been going very slow for the first 4 days, with my mind running back and forth trying to come up with this amazing idea surrounding numbers. My initial idea explored the significants of numbers in religion for example the number 12 occurs in religion on 20 different occasions, but trying to create a visual response on a poster for that was driving me insane. So it was backto the drawing board several times before I was visualizing anything.
My ideas or lack of lead me to the perception of numbers, and how no single number was more important than the other.

My initial designs were very complicated and there was no guarantee they would work until they were finished. By this time I only had 3 day left and things were getting desperate, but I then started to think how complicated and technical does this have to be and was I over thinking the brief.

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