Sunday, 17 October 2010

Design Buddies

Early last week all that were selected for the design buddies pilot scheme were asked to come in for a lunch meeting with our potential design buddies, to basically meet face to face so we knew who are partner was. My designer was David Burton, head of innovation at Red Web .
He is part of a massive web based company along with another 100 staff all in different areas from accounts to design to coding. So many different areas to find out about over the coming sessions. We had lunch and talked about the kind of area he was involved with, he told me but I still wasn't fully sure what he did by the end of the lunch, all I did know is that I had been offered a great opportunity to find out a lot about the design industry.
After the lunch I was told by Neil that George Beverly from last week had spoken to him about our meeting and was very impressed with the way I talked about and presented my work, so much that we would like to work with all three of us over the year instead of one person.
Oli, Ben and myself have since met up and decided we would do it in groups so we get more from the sessions.

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