Monday, 9 March 2009

4 designers

                                Last week we traveled down to London for a conference on the 23rd and 24th with 4 accomplished designers which is held annually in leicester square. the talk attracted around 500 students, also industry desiners from all around the uk and the rest of the world. On e of the lectures was a man called Adrian Shaughnessy  who created published the book 'How to be a designer without losing your soul'. He was very insightful when presenting his tip and ideas of graphic design. the most interesting thing about adrian was that he was never taught the design practice, in fact he as only now started to learn the fundamental rules of graphic design after the age of 50. he is certainly an inspiration.
Another lecturer was a man form project triangle called Martin  who are based in Germany, I was very impressed with their design it was very out there and European.     

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