Sunday, 22 March 2009

Day Workshop for type radio

We had only had the new project a couple of days but already we got a new little day project on type radio. The aim of the day was to get in to groups and create a poster that was strictly made up of type, That promoted the use of the website how useful it can be to designers and students all over the world.
First of all we brainstormed as a group with some ideas as to how the poster and layout may look. One of the biggest issues we had was the fact that we wouldn't be able to use an image, so getting around having just a flat image with type on it. we all agreed that there were millions of average posters out there, not to mention the four other groups around us with a similar objective, therefore agreed it should be a little different.
We came up with the idea of having the poster as a folded book, so when the poster was folded each side would have on of the letters form the title type radio, and as it unfolds the website and relevant information is revealed
It was nice to work in groups again because everyone had an input towards the final piece, It received a mix review at the end of the day  mainly because we didn't stick strictly to the brief, and also some of our choices for lay out and use of colour was confused.
Never the less I learnt a lot.  


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