Sunday, 22 March 2009

PPRD Hand In!!

Coming up to the Hand in tomorrow and am already aware that i have some work missing from the earlier projects like conclusions and rationales particularly throughout my text and image project. The reason for this is that I started my blog later than most and when it came down to the reflection i have only really got form around December.
I can only blame myself for this, but I made a decision that I would not try and back date the work I had missed over the last few months instead I would concentrate on the present and future work and realize my potential through careful reflection. For example the work i have posted recently that includes London trips and outside learning, this i hope will see me through the requirements.
I also have a folder with all relevant pieces of work, outside and inside college work, evaluations rationales, handouts, tutorial reflection sheets, and any other design work I have collected.            

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