Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Back to the old school, back to the new!

So it's Vis-Com second year and I have been back in to the swing of things for a week now, and let me tell you it has felt like 4 weeks already. On the first day back we were given are new brief, which I like to call the brief that gets u thinking!
This was quiet a shock for me considering the last time I done much thinking was in July for my Placement. The first of the four projects in the brief was simply the word 'Thank-you'. The idea was to say thank you to someone or something, but in your own way be visually different.
We only had a week to think of something, so the outcome would have to be short,sharp and precise. By the time the tutorials came round I had an idea, that I thought was thinking outside the box. I was going to be a piece about Irony, the thanks shared between to distant friends that buy each other the most pointless presents.

The idea was shot down after I was told that I hadn't addressed the brief, the thank you had to be from me not a general one. After having looked at a really creative piece by Kessels-kramer where the pages had been ripped out and some letters had been stamped on in Dutch. So with-in a couple of hours I was thanking my Favorite Book by Howard Marks called 'Mr Nice'.
The idea was that I would say thank you by stitching through the binding of the book, It would turn out to be a delicate process, also a delicate finish,making the words thank you a little more special.
In the critique I expressed by new idea, there was a mixed view but the overall opinion was that the piece was unresolved and that I had forced it together because of my love for Kessels-Kramer.
It was a blow, but in hindsight I do feel like I rushed in to an outcome with out following common design protocol in my sketchbook.

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