Sunday, 25 October 2009

So whilst the whole idea of business identity and stationery was fresh in my mind i was doing some research for the rebranding, and I receive an email form a friend who is studying arts and events 3rd year. She is doing her dissertation but also having to think about her end of year final event and she is trying to sort sponsors out so to apply to these companies she needed a letterhead to establish an identity for the members of the group. The names are Natalie, Amy, Ciaran, and Celia. They are calling them selves 'NACC Promotions' the initials of their names. hers the design below it's black and bold just how she wanted it and teh way it's set out kin of expresses a stamp maybe of authority. This for the team was important to firstly establish a foundation, and also make them corporate and legitimate.

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