Saturday, 24 October 2009

Business Identity and stationery

The next part of the Brief was to create a set of stationery for a person that was chosen at random My identity was Dmitri Shostakovich, who I found out after some initial research that he was a Russian Composer of the soviet union period in the 20th Century.
The great thing about this project was not only we were getting to grips with creating stationery, which is a very handy to tool in the industry, but also we were given the opportunity to dive deep in to the mans personality, finding what they were about and what they stand for which a letter-head and identity are essentially used for.
For Shostakovich as well as finding out his background, I also received a small history lesson in the process. I had a lot of information to base my identity on, for example even though he composed in the communism period, his music represented ideas far from a communist way of life.
His work was controversial and on various several occasions his music was denounced under political pressure.
As far as his privet life goes his family was threatened and eventually he was blackmailed and forced to join the communist party due to political pressure.

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