Sunday, 22 March 2009

Berlin Trip

Hello just come back from Berlin  and feel exhausted its been a crazy three days i have seen a lot in Berlin, and a great time with some of the the second year students. I went to see many famous places  like the Jewish Museum, National Gallery, Bauhaus Archiv, and the Guggenheim.My favorite exhibition was at the guggenheim it was various artists form the photo realism era in the 1970s to now, this painting on the right done by a designer called Don Eddy was my favorite of all. We were all convinced it was a photograph only later we realized that i was a painting by looking up close. I think the reason why this worked was because in the 70s the photography had this lack of colour to it, which makes these paintings so realistic. I really don't think this is possible now days.  
There were some great pieces of art in the Jewish museum including a nice photography exhibition depicting the rise and fall of Berlin during the 1970s 80s and 90s. The lovely thing about this work was that it was presented in light boxes raised off the floor, with seats positioned around the room.
Below is the photography.

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