Monday, 14 February 2011


So last week we had another networking lecture (TLk).
Invited back was David from Redweb and three new additions to the talk, Bella Lewis smith of Salad creative, Ross Cleaver of revolting, and lastly Paul Leon a freelancer based in london.

Titled the creative process the talked moved through various stages and the panel talked about their own experiences of a brief from start to finish considering all the problems or highlights of a task from the pitch to a potential client, to turning down work for various reasons.

One interesting point for me was the pitch debate whether or not it should be paid or not according to the panel always try and negotiate a deal with the client because it is your time and money also. The debate quickly turned to the dismissal of work and basically how far were the designers prepared to seal a deal. For this there were two very different ideas of what was acceptable three of the designers said they would pass a job if it was immoral or they didn't agree with the company ethos. On the other hand Paul suggested it would be possible to, depending on the circumstances.

After that questions were put to the panel and one particular point raise again and again was the right to work for free, as students this was very relevant to our process. Again half agreed and the others did not, it seemed to really spark a debate in the crowd with no real solution.

Other points I learnt was too avoid a powerpoint pitch when presenting to a client because you will loose the persons interest in minutes. The advise was to let them see things visual but physically as well get them to stand and talk them through the idea.

Lastly one of the points that rang load and clear was to research a brief, from the history of the subject to the environment, know everything there is to know about the brand.

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