Monday, 14 March 2011

D&AD Final

Here is the boards that contribute to the D&AD brief for Honda.

The aim was to design a structure or environment that show cases Hondas rich credentials as a company that society wants to have around in the future.
The concept is made up of an installation that encompasses the publics view on their own future coupled with facts about the Honda brand and their intentions of creating a complete sustainable future.

The installation measures a 5 x 5 Meter structure where the viewer can sit down and interact via an ipad with a touch screen application. The application is divided in to six categories each with a subject relating to Honda.
The viewer is asked a question relating to the particular subject, following a question the next stage of the application offers a fact about Honda and then the chance to find out more about Hondas vision.

The last stage requires the viewers initials and age so that the data can be collected and used by Honda to collect quantifiable data of the wider society.

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