Tuesday, 8 March 2011


This week it was the 3rd TLK lecture with 3 new guests including Jane Richardson from Aquent Recruitment Agency, second was Joel Gardner a freelance illustrator who had work at the Aucb in the past, and lastly Chris Wharton a freelance Web designer from London.

This weeks session was all about making as a designer after graduating. Again the emphasis was put on networking and how beneficial it can be to finding a job. Chris' outlook appeared to be realistic claiming the journey will be long and hard knocking on company doors hoping one will give you a shot. and the first year spent mostly sending general emails out in the vague hope of a result.

According to the guests, getting a foot through the door is most of the work, It then comes down to networking and building relationships with companies. Just like last week the conversations turned to debate when the subject of accepting jobs. knowing where to draw the line on the right or wrong job.

Some of the final points discussed at the end were things like networking using sites like Linkedin and Arts Thread but to be careful with Twitter and Facebook
because you just don't know who is watching.

Look forward to the next lecture


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