Sunday, 8 November 2009

Communicating an idea!

The objective of the brief was to choose one of the videos from the website and collect all the most interesting point of the talk, and communicate to the public in a way you see fit.
So its Friday and we have had this Communicating Ideas brief for a week now and all I have done is look at the various educational videos on a website called ''.

After much consideration in to which one would be more beneficial for me, but also the one that would challenge my thinking a little more. I ended up torn between the sound and the consumerism video, upon later reflection and a talk early that morning saying we should think out side the box. I finally chose the sound one.

In the talk by Julian Treasure. He talks about there being 4 ways in which sound affects us 1) Physiologically, 2) Psychologically 3) Cognitively 4) behaviorally. I have chosen to focus on the psychological and cognitive affects of sound. He describes our passion for sound but also the way in which we suppress sound all the time, and more interestingly our common associations with sound sound that evoke happiness and sounds that evoke fear.

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