Tuesday, 3 November 2009

D&AD Briefs

So the D&Ad briefs have been out for a while now and I had had a quick look at a few of them last week but in no great detail. This Monday there was some time to focus on professional projects or what ever you got going on at that time. So a group of us got together and decided we would have a go at one.
We all downloaded the briefs and sifted through the potentially winning briefs, even
tually we got down to a possible three:

* Company called 'onedotzero', who are asking for some sort of moving image which explores the concept of a 'disappearing city '.

* Another brief from 'www.lastminute.com' who require a new campaign so people can get more from the website, with an imaginative and fresh out look.

* The last brief was from 'Lloyds TSB'.
This one asks to create an integrated campaign to bring Lloyds Partnership with the olympic Games 2012 alive.

After much deliberation and carefully considering the practicalities of each we decided to go for the 'onedotzero' brief. It was out of this and the Lloyds brief, it was clear that we could be much more creative with the moving image brief, as opposed to the the olympics one which we would have to consider the all aspects of the Olympics, including the Paralympics and being politically correct.
It would clearly be a nightmare.

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