Sunday, 22 November 2009

Hand-in for first project.

So we have just had our first hand in for that massive brief filled with lots of different briefs, vis-com keeping us on our toes as usual. I have to say it was pretty hard going, turning around project after project week by week, but it still wasn't as bad as Text and image last year!. Few things i really enjoyed about this brief like the fact that within a week we would all have an outcome even if it was unresolved, it was really nice to see what people had achieved. I particularly enjoyed the packaging project where I feel I created some of my strongest work to date. Also the communicating idea project was fun because I was allowed to take an idea and run wild with it buy creating a sound installation, well the concept anyway.
In terms of disappointment, I feel the thank-you project lacked something, and wasn't resolved in the sense that the idea behind it or the meaning of it is slightly lost but hey no point crying over spilt beans is there.
For the hand in I had to have everything finished and final or as close to that point so thought I would just give u the updated work.

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