Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Today we had a Laser cutting induction, I had heard good things about this process, but as usual had no work with me, which was big mistake. The man who inducted us was really nice i think his name was Ed, really laid back character. The induction was short and sweet, just the way I like it.
But I did pick up some interesting facts about Laser cutting: It works through illustrator, which means its recognizes vector work and strangely needs to be set to RGB. The designs themselves can be a as detailed or a as simple as u like, the important thing is that the image is made up of a stroke or a fill so the laser can read it. You can create some interesting patterns by setting the power and speed.
So that the laser understands the difference between cutting and etching the stroke and the fill are separated in to blue indicating a cut, and red indicating a singe or etch.
I am glad I found out about this because not only will it be good to know for the future when doing final pieces, but also for the business identity brief I have just done, I will look in to creating a business card in this style.


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