Saturday, 28 November 2009


After our hand in this week we had a some time to carry on with live briefs or D&AD. I noticed that some live projects had the deadline fast approaching so i thought i would have a go at a few. The first was an animal print for the Vis-com fundraiser coming up after christmas. The idea is that we all complete a piece of work that could be framed and put up on display in Coffee Republic for a period of time, and then at 60 million Postcards on the night of the fundraiser. My idea for an illustration was based around the idea of a bird cartoon drawing I created for Screen based 1 last year. I felt that it could be recycled and was to much of an opportunity to make some large scale prints from. I ended up just pimping a group of birds on an electricity cable. A little humor never hurt anyone, also I feel they are salable for the fundraiser. This week we had a screen printing session and I below was the out come, at the moment there are black an white and a few colours mixed in, but I have a plan to add some water-colour washes, roughly over the birds.

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