Saturday, 28 November 2009


This was the another little live brief that had a quick turn around! The brief required a Christmas card design that reflects the marine industry, by a company called 'Jenkins Marine' they manage boats for companies have worked closely with the RNLI and more recently helped create the artificial reef in Bournemouth. They have clients all around the world who they do business with so they needed a design that is universal and has a Christmas/Marine theme.
The brief it's self was quite broad, there were not many set guidelines as such, apart from keep it festive and nautical themed. I decided to keep it simple.
Essentially I took these two terms, and got them down on paper, and when they were in front off me I arranged the creatures and festive objects in to opposite pairs.
This in turn created some really random but humorous results.
The designs ranged from a dolphin finding a Christmas tree in buried in the sand, to a crab coming across a mince pie!
I used a light water-colour wash which keeps its playfull but precise.

In terms of a rationale, the Christmas card serves it's purpose in that It offers the light-hearted humor. I feel there is a nice contrast between the sea creature and the santa hat drawing of the octopus, just what you need at Christmas.

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