Saturday, 14 November 2009

London trip!

So we went to London on Thursday for a little retail therapy, jokes not really. It was for a talk at the London design centre, to see Paula Scher a designer from Washington who has designed the logo for Citi Bank and so much more, Paula has been around for a quite a while now and had her fair share of major jobs. The talk was put on by D&AD, just like the one last year with Kyle Cooper. They basically asked her to go through her long history of work, which was interesting but at the same time I felt her old work was redundant to the common practice of today and I didn't feel that I learnt much to take away and incorporate in to my own work.
On the other hand her more recent work was really quite bold and beautiful, below are some examples,

The MOMA identity was one of my Favorites, a really clever re-brand.

Then there was the floor numbers that took up the whole space of the floor, and got bigger or smaller depending on how high up each floor was.
Not forgetting a brief that required a music college building in NewYork to have
a whole new image, with a very small budget. So they gave it a lick of paint,
and covered it in Typography... obviously!

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